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Outfit Sponsored by Peridot Boutique, Seattle.

Outfit Sponsored by Peridot Boutique, Seattle.

When I was younger dreaming about my music career and getting a degree in creative writing, I really had no concrete idea of what my actual job would be one day. I'd watch VH1's "Behind the Music" and envision my friends talking about our adventures as clips of me singing on stage in front of thousands of people came in and out of their know, staying very grounded in reality. :) But now with blogging and music taking up most of my time every day, I feel incredibly fortunate and finally have an answer for everyone that asked " you want to be a teacher?" when I told them I was an English major. Among the many perks of being a content creator, one of my favorite things about being a blogger/musician is by far, brand partnerships! This is a fairly new endeavor for me but is quickly becoming something that excites me almost as much as my music and cross-promotion with people and products I believe in, makes it a win for everybody. I recently played at the West Seattle Beer and Music Festival and the experience was a perfect example of all of that.

Peridot Boutique in Queen Anne, Seattle has been my favorite for years! They dressed me from head to toe (with the guidance of my amazing stylist extraordinaire, Quinn Barker) and had a blast on stage in their clothes!

Not only do they have amazing looks, accessories, and seasonal trends, they also have the best candle in the world.


Volcano Candle from Capri-Blue

…That I will never not be obsessed with.

However, candles aside, I was THRILLED to partner with Peridot for the festival!

I had a blast on stage in their clothes! It's hard to find styles that look great when I'm performing but that are comfortable to stand and dance in - especially since I much prefer a sneaker to a stiletto. I all but drooled over these Dolce Vita Snakeskin Boots and they gave me a lift while still being comfortable for my entire hour set and beyond!

Dolce Vita Boots

Dolce Vita Boots


The full look consisted of:

Dolce Vita Boots: (@dolcevita)

Blazer: Kensie Clothing (@kensie_clothing),

Top: Lira Womens (@lirawomens),

Shorts: Volcom Womens (@volcomwomens),

Hat: Wyeth (@wyeth_usa)

Style: Quinn Barker

HMUA: Seattle Beauty Boss (@seattlebeautyboss)

Full Look Courtesy of Peridot Boutique Seattle


I loved getting to work with one of my favorite boutiques in the city and can't wait to share with you all my favorite looks, products, and brands in the future!

For brand partnerships inquiries, email

Much Love,


Susan G