The Seattleite's love/hate Relationship with Summer


A true Seattleite will tell you the most glorious months of the year are July-September. We tell family to come visit then, we plan weddings and special events in those months, and this magical time is when Seattle's beauty is especially breathtaking. We all need this summer gloriousness to make January-April worth living here - and the much needed relief from the rain feels soooo good when the sunny weather finally does show up. And I love it! That being said, at risk of sounding like a complainer, here are some of the reasons why I have a hard time fully embracing this season....



Shorts are the worst. They are unflattering on literally everybody and it's impossible to find a cute and comfortable pair. The current style consists of butt-cheek exposure and I'm just not down with that. If they look bad on a high school girl who has zero body fat percentage, something is just wrong. I find my options consist of high waisted cut offs that highlight the most unflattering 2-3 inches of my entire body, making it so they ride up when I walk because besides Karlie Kloss, real people don't have thigh gaps. Which in turn, makes me walk around in a penguin-like manner attempting to look normal and keep the bottom of the shorts to stay somewhat on my legs. The other option is to buy the long mom jean version that just screams "I'm not in my 20's anymore!!" I would love to grab a pair of Good American's that claim to fit every body type and are adorable but I can't quite justify spending $200-300 on a pair of shorts I can wear a couple weeks out of the year.


Unless I'm on a boat or in a rooftop pool, any temperature over 82 degrees is simply unbearable. Air conditioning is not a staple in the Seattle community so I find myself walking around, sweating, trying not to complain about the beautiful weather we've been not-so-patiently waiting for. It simply is too hot and my body doesn't know how to respond. Again, unless I'm on a boat, then I'm cool with it.


We've all been there. It's a Tuesday, finally sunny and clear, and I find myself ecstatically making plans for BBQ's, beach trips, and every other outdoor activity we can't do during the winter. But then when Friday rolls around, unfortunately the clouds do too. All of a sudden that sailing trip doesn't seem so exciting when you have to bring a raincoat and other layers to ensure you won't freeze or you're trying to get tan through very minimal breaks in the clouds. I find myself checking that weekend weather with the same nervousness that comes along with checking your bank account. One-eyed and hopeful, but knowing you'll inevitably be a little let down.


Mostly because of my above statement, I strongly believe companies should enforce "sun days," much like snow days, where we just decide to bag our work responsibilities and enjoy the warm rays while we can! Especially in those first couple much anticipated nice days, you know that people are too jacked up to actually be productive anyways! I think most Seattleites would gladly trade a sunny day for a catch-up day on the weekend, especially if we could work from home. I mean, we are a city that's clearly a leader in the tech industry so do we even need offices anymore anyways? I don't think so.


Most of my closet consists of sweaters, jackets, scarves, and fuzzy socks so when I do happen to find a cute t-shirt dress or go-to summer outfit, I'm not going to invest in very much of it. I'm a big believer in "cost per wear" so when most of my clothes budget goes straight to something I can wear year round, that leaves me with the same 2-3 outfits that I cycle over and over when it's super hot. But I simply don't care enough to buy more summer clothes.

That being said, I LOVE a good pair of shades so even with all the annoyances that a rain, sweater, and boots-lover endures in the summer months... wearing sunglasses all day every day makes it that much more fun to soak up the sun while we have it!

Much Love,


Susan G