Why I'm so freaking jazzed about my new music

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So, while I'm very proud of my old music, I've never felt that it fully represented my inner 2000's wannabe pop star vibe. Mostly because I'm a tad embarrassed by that fact, especially around "organic and grass roots" musicians, that I love electronic noises, catchy beats, and tunes my friends and I can shake our booties too while we pretend we still have the energy to party at this point in our lives. I do however, take issues with the lyrics. Like, really Rihanna? You just make up words while mumbling a resemblance of "work work work" and it's played everywhere all the time?? Ok, fine. More power to you.

That being said, I know there's a balance between the worlds of quality and catchy and I wanted to find that but could never quite collect the right pieces and people to get it done. Not to mention, making records costs soooo much money!! The record itself totals at least $7,000-$9,000 and that doesn't include any marketing, promotion, etc. so you could make an amazing record (and I know of hundreds) that don't get any large scale exposure. Then you have studio time, musicians to pay, blah blah blah....then you're broke. :) But to me, still always worth it. I have asked myself a million times in those frightening moments of not knowing how to keep the lights on and the bills paid, if pursuing my dream is worth it. And every time, the answer is absolutely. I would so much rather love what I do and the work I put in every day than be hella rich and hate my life 40+ hours a week.

I feel so incredibly lucky that I now have a professional recording studio in my house where I can create something new whenever I want. Am I good at production? Not at all. Do I get demos and ideas done in a cohesive way? Kind of. Am I learning slowly? Yes. Do I like learning? No. I just want to know things immediately and be awesome at them. Patience is not my jam. That being said, I'm able to get the full scale of my ideas down including sounds, beats, and lay the foundation for someone to take it to the next level. And these guys are the ones that did it...

The Songwriting team not only takes my ideas and makes them so much better but they are crazy professional and extremely fast while doing their jobs amazingly well. Remotely, I'm able to send them my songs, they build a baller track, I sing all the vocal parts and send them back, and they give me a mixed, mastered, and radio-ready track. Which means, most importantly, I can work on my album when time allows, in my sweatpants from the comfort of my own home! Yes. That may have become my new definition of success. :)

The Songwriting Team produced my new single "Push & Pull" that will be released May 9th at my all ages Triple Door Show and I can't wait for you all to hear it!! I'm excited to continue to work with these guys to keep bringing you modern and fresh music from me, Susan G!!

Hope you all have a great week and whatever you want to do creatively, start by just doing it. Just do the thing. You can.

Much Love,


Susan G