Why I May Never Make another Album...


Ok ok, that was a bit click-baity but it's true! For the last six months or so, my sights have been set on making a new EP. I found producers that I love, I've been experimenting with producing and recording on my own, all in the name of prepping for this new album. As I've been getting the songs finished one by one, I get so pumped to share them and work them out for my live show but my excitement fades once I realize I have to wait until the other ones are finished and the release is fully planned, which can take months! It's no secret to those that know me well that I'm an extremely impatient person. My music is no exception, in fact, I'm probably way less patient when it comes to that. So I've decided to scrap the concept of an EP/album and do something a little different...

The past few weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind. I've been fortunate enough to enter into the ambiguous yet fascinating world of social media influencers. While I still have a ton to learn and a long way to go, I've been having a blast engaging in partnerships and sponsors that make sense and I really love the ability to post mutually beneficial content that lets my followers know what I like/use!

That being said, with platforms like this one, my youtube channel, Instagram, and other lifestyle publications, I have the ability to keep my followers up to speed on my day to day activities and a look behind the scenes of what I'm working on.


As opposed to seeing only the polished photos on insta, or the edited vlogs and videos on youtube, this allows me to be more transparent with the realities of being a singer/songwriter and lifestyle writer. I find it's a lot easier to care about a finished product when you see the process...the obstacles that come up, the less glamorous side of lugging around a keyboard and a dream. :) I follow this one videographer and his daily stories at the time consisted of him working on Chris Brown videos. Once the video actually dropped, I couldn't wait to see how it turned out since I knew some of the elements that went into it.

So basically, I wanted to create that experience for the people that are coming along with me on my journey as well. I've decided to put out whatever my team and I create almost immediately after it's done. Whether it's a blog post like this, a new song, new music video, whatever it is that I'm excited about, I want to get it to you all as soon as possible! It helps with my impatience because I'll constantly be striving to make the next project better than the rest and it gives you, the consumer, a steady stream of content as opposed to large gaps where you don't hear anything new from me. It keeps me motivated, excited to create, and always able to adjust based on your thoughts and input! One of the biggest joys I've experienced in the past couple months has been the direct contact with all of you so thank you and please keep it coming!! Make sure to follow me on instagram, facebook, and subscribe to my youtube channel to get updates on everything! Send me a DM to ask me questions, let me know what you want to hear, or just say hi! I love hearing from you and I can't wait to continue to show you what I'm working on!

Much love -


Susan G