80's vs 90's Party


The 90's will always win.

Growing up in the 90's has left me with fond memories of overdramatic G-rated comedies (everything on TGIF), rollerblading to angsty Alanis, and all the boy-band greatness in the universe. So when one of Seattle's premier DJ's, DJ Indica Jones, asks me to perform at one of his epic decades shows, it was a no brainer. My only point of concern was whether or not to lean towards Britney or Christina when it came to cheesy pop covers (Blackstreet and Lauryn Hill are always a given - duh).

I've done one of these shows before but last time I attended, I wasn't necessarily on the bill ahead of time and it quickly turned into one of my "impromptu performances" that my friends know all too well.

This time we did a look behind the scenes of Tractor Tavern in Ballard and showcased some of the other local artists that DJ Indica brings with him. It was awesome! Go check out my vlog below if you want to see how it all went down, my throwback Aaliyah/TLC outfit, and a local hype man that will blow your mind!!

If you're wondering why you don't actually get to hear the songs/live performances it's due to the fact that I do not own the rights to them and apparently (according to google) you can't play it for more than 20 seconds. Anyways, we snuck a little of a song or two at the end...

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Much Love,


Susan G